Commonly Asked Questions


What is the advantage of working with Simply Remembered?

We are a small, family owned business. We care about your family and our community, offering more personal care than our competitors.  

How long do our cremation services take?

From the time the person comes into our care until the time we have the ashes and death certificates available is about 7 days.  

What is the price of a death certificate?

Certified copies of the death certificate are $21 each, a fee set by the State of California.  

What type of urn is included?

Our cremation package comes with a simple plastic box urn. We have a small selection of urns in our office and you can also browse a larger catalogue by clicking on the Urn Catalogue tab.  

When can I get ahold of you?

We are reachable 24 hours a day for all and any of our families’ needs.

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